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A Story of Resilience

Born into war-town South Sudan, James Thuch Madhier has endured unbelievable struggles: famine, war, forced displacement and poverty. In 2005, James fled southern Sudan, overcoming immense challenges to pursue his education. Resilience has defined James’ story, and resilience is what he sees in the people of South Sudan. James sees talent as universal, and access to opportunity as the differentiating factor between humans. James has committed his life to building lasting solutions, tapping into the power of clean technologies to lift millions of people out of poverty and food insecurity. In a world where nearly 20 people are forced to flee every minute, it is important to address the systemic factors that force people to flee. Stand with James in his mission to make migration a choice, not a last resort.

The Problem

Nearly one in three people in South Sudan live with severe food insecurity. A simple plate of beans and rice costs 155% of the basic income. Food insecurity doesn’t just mean a lack of food on the table. It means protracted conflict over scarce resources, families fleeing their homes, and economic stagnation in a region that has a vast economic potential.

Our Solution

The Rainmaker Enterprise combats food insecurity in South Sudan by providing reliable, sustainable, and scalable water infrastructure. We equip the people we serve with the skills and resources to build livelihoods they can depend on. We’re committed to empowering people and communities to achieve zero hunger and zero poverty in the long-term, and flourish with the security this provides.

What Makes Us Different

Food aid meets only immediate needs, and only the needs of some. Our solution brings the infrastructure and opportunity for populations to grow in their communities, with dignity - immediately and in the long-term. The agency to provide for oneself is a basic human right which everyone must be afforded with. With the power of modern clean technologies, we can afford everyone this agency.

Built for the Future

Rainmaker’s technologies, sourced within the region, are relatively low-cost, efficient, environmentally sustainable and built to last, with high impact among the populations we serve.

Local Knowledge, Local Solutions

We have an intimate knowledge of the region we work in - in fact, it’s our founder’s home. Our community-driven approach uniquely understands the social, cultural, and economic character of South Sudan. Dynamic challenges require dynamic solutions, making community involvement central.

No one Left Behind

Marginalized populations - women, children, the elderly, and the ill and disabled - are especially hard hit by food insecurity and lack of access to water. In boosting local food production and bringing clean water closer to communities, we are focused on the needs of the most vulnerable.

What We Do

The Rainmaker Enterprise believes that South Sudan needs grassroots, long-term solutions. Water and land management can sustain year-round agriculture and provide shared resources. By installing solar-powered drip irrigation systems on managed plots of land, The Rainmaker Enterprise ensures year-round steady water supply to fertile plots of land. This creates communally productive spaces that allow improved crop yields and cycles, and healthier livestock. Thus, the Rainmaker Enterprise strives to address protracted inter-communal conflicts, reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition rates, and create employment opportunities in communities in South Sudan.

Sustainable Energy: Clean energy is a rising trend in many African countries. In our case, solar power provides a self-sustaining, cost-efficient way to manage water and allow irrigation to occur in diverse locations. Solar energy is especially important in South Sudan, where only 5.1% of the country’s population has access to electricity, the lowest percentage in Sub-Saharan Africa. Solar energy that improves the potential of agriculture and pastoralism is key for the country’s development.

Food Security: By providing spaces for sustained food production year-round, we are working towards food security in South Sudanese communities. Irrigated land will improve crop yields and rotations, reducing food shortages, hunger and malnutrition that worsen during dry seasons. The fodder crops planted for livestock grazing will improve the health of cattle and boost milk production in dairy cows.

Improved Livelihoods: Managed and productive spaces are key for investment in agriculture and pastoralism - the majority of the population’s livelihood in South Sudan. For farmers, the Rainmaker system allows year-round farming by pumping floodwater into holding tanks, also doubling as a solution to flooding that is prevalent in South Sudan. Pesticides and insecticides, as well as improved farming techniques, will be provided for higher productivity cultivation. Through our system, pastoralists have access to fertile grazing pastures and water, allowing them to avoid conflict over otherwise scarce and uncertain resources, and maintain healthy livestock for higher returns in market.

Local Employment: The Rainmaker’s properties are managed by local teams of highly-trained staff, thus providing meaningful employment and technical training in the community. From running the pump systems to managing customers to operating machinery to maintain the land, the Rainmaker properties provide quality employment opportunities. Year-round agricultural activities provide dozens of job opportunities to youth and women to work the farms and provide for their families and communities.

Drinking Water: The solar-powered pump systems also provide a source of clean drinking water to the communities in which they are located. According to UNICEF, over 30% of people in South Sudan currently lack access to clean drinking water.

Building Peaceful Communities: Most violent conflicts in South Sudan continue to be linked to cattle, with the primary cause as access to scarce water and grazing resources. The Rainmaker Enterprise provides greater certainty of resources by enabling year-round fodder crops and watering locations, with managed access through a subscription-based system to avoid inter-communal conflicts. As the Rainmaker Enterprise satisfies a range of needs in its site locations, it functions to build stronger communities.

An Unparalleled Team

Rainmaker is a group of experienced global leaders, technical minds and young visionaries, all united by a single vision. Our team draws from experience in policymaking, engineering, development economics, medical science, and non-profit management, and of course, an intimate knowledge of the region we serve.

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